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Letterpress to Impress

John J. Hamilton has been printing since 1962 and still practices his craft today, using the same technology he learnt with all those years ago. John shares his passion for letterpress as a craft and as an art form, and believes it will always have it's place.

Produced in partnership with Fog Peak Productions

July Days - Photos

A three-minute continuous shot that rumbles along to the tune of July Days single Photos from their debut album The Night Is For Hunting.

The Mind Inside with Francesca Pichel

The Mind Inside spends time with independent artists to learn about what inspires them to create. Francesca Pichel, from Holland, spent time in Melbourne writing and performing her own original music.

The Mind Inside with Fraser Henry

Featuring Melbourne singer and songwriter Fraser Henry.

The entirety of this video was recorded on location in Fraser's garden in Melbourne, on a lovely summer afternoon. Fraser writes music for his band The Peeks, who perform in and around Melbourne at various venues. You can check out The Peeks on Facebook and at Triple J Unearthed.
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